Magna Results Code

‘Magna’ is a Latin word meaning ‘great’ and this is exactly what this 3 ½ -day NLP workshop provides – the ultimate knowledge, tools and techniques to finally help you demystify how the mind works and to give you the ability to manage your thinking to get the GREAT results you want and to eliminate the outcomes that make us unhappy, stressed and keep us under-achieving!

Many of us feel as if we are adrift in our personal lives and although we may make resolutions at the beginning of every year, somehow we either lose interest in them or never seem to quite achieve the desired dream. We feel disenchanted and frustrated and maybe we even give up trying, agreeing to live life at half-mast.

In our professional sphere, we may be obliged to set strategic and operational goals, but despite this regime, we may still not achieve the level of success that would propel us toward the promotion or recognition that we want…something just seems to be missing!

An important part of really being a winner (and not a whiner!) is the ability to effectively build relationships and negotiate with family, friends, colleagues, supervisors and our clients! We may find it easy to get along with our friends and those who are ‘like us’, but what happens when we are faced with that ‘hard to please’ client or staff member? Can you imagine what it would be like to be able to almost instantly ‘size-up’ them up, just by reading their body language and their eye-patterns and respond to them in a way that makes them feel an immediate connection with you? How would that impact your stress level? How would that affect your results?

How often have you wished that you could improve your sales techniques to ethically help your clients to make decisions for mutual benefit? Maybe you have even wanted to change some of your own strategies that are simply not working for you…like being a more effective meeting manager!

The Magna Results Code unlocks the SECRET of how to not only set goals but to achieve them, giving you tools that empower you to transform your personal and professional relationships, and your own effectiveness as a leader, team and family member.

That’s right! With the tools of NLP and Elizabeth Terry’s unique teaching style you learn how to reprogram your thoughts and behavior to FINALLY achieve the RESULTS you want!

NLP Magna Results Code at a Glance

 Principles for Achieving Your Goals!

    1. The difference between goals you achieve and those you don’t
    2. How to set goals and be sure you can always achieve them
    3. How to ask questions so that your goals (and someone else’s) goals become clear and specific
  1. How to Create Instant Rapport with Anyone
    1. Be able to instantly get into mutual understanding with anyone you choose
    2. Increase your ability to discern body language and its true meaning
    3. How to use your body postures and gestures so that people unconsciously associate positivity with you
    4. Build rapport even with your voice and through written communication
  1. Representational Systems – The Meaning and Power of Your 5 Senses
    1. How our 5 senses are represented internally to the nervous system
    2. Discover how what we see, hear, feel, smell and taste influence our physical response (even if we are not conscious of the process)
    3. How to match people’s preferences in their use of the 5 senses to build mutual agreement
    4. How eye movements reflect a person’s real thoughts
    5. Use eye patterns to increase flexibility, creativity and learning
  1. Strategies – The Sequencing of Internal Processes for Results
    1. How to control your mental sequence of internal processes to create specific results every time
    2. Discover and learn how to use how people buy things (decision making strategy) from just watching their eye movements
    3. How to sell based on your client’s strategy rather than yours for a more successful outcome
  2. NLP for Business – How to Use Techniques for Business Success
    1. Discover how to use NLP for effective planning and conducting effective meetings
    2. Effective and ethical sales techniques to increase sales and customer satisfaction
    3. Learn how to negotiate win-win deals and agreements

Next Course Dates: March (evening of 16), 17, 18, 19, 2017

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