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I started my own transformational journey many years ago, spurred by a burning desire to excel and live a life that would allow me to fully self-actualize and manifest my dreams. You see, I’ve always felt that anything is possible once you connect with the Divinity within, and that no-one should leave this earth plane with their ‘song’ unsung. Maybe this touches a chord within you and you share my point of view?

After just over two decades of working in the public sector and a four year period of operating my own training and consulting company, I had the opportunity in January 2010 to participate in a life-changing workshop. Led by Janet Attwood, co-author of the New York Times best seller, The Passion Test, I trained to become a Passion Test facilitator, and simultaneously reignited my own somewhat dormant passions. One of those deep-seated desires set me intentionally on the path to share my knowledge and to train and enable positive change in others; changing minds, one at a time, impacting not only individual but organizational productivity and, by extension, all aspects of our social and economic life.

Having reconnected with that desire, I was further led to explore and study other tools and techniques that would facilitate the kind of personal evolution that all of us want – the ability to achieve our personal, career and business goals, develop and maintain positive win-win relationships, ensure we are in the abundant flow, manage our state and really own our personal power.

Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) was the answer to that call.

As a Project Management Professional, I recognize the balance required for successful living and the need to ensure profitable businesses and meet performance targets – NLPs tools and techniques are ideally suited to helping you and your team “raise the bar”, by sharpening critical thinking, negotiation, sales and communication skills and generally enhancing all aspects of individual and, by extension, organizational performance.

I therefore invite you to explore the training and coaching opportunities detailed on this website and let me know how I can help you on your transformational journey to achieve the success you deserve!

Remember, nothing will change unless you do things differently…the time to start is now!

Elizabeth Terry, MBA, PMP
NLP and Time Line Therapy ® Master Practitioner
NLP, Time Line Therapy ® and Coaching Trainer