Magna Mind Code

‘Magna’ is a Latin word meaning ‘great’  and this is exactly what this 3-day NLP workshop provides – the ultimate knowledge, tools and techniques to finally help you demystify how the mind works and to give you the ability to manage your thinking to get the GREAT results you want!

No one EVER taught us how to use our mind effectively – it’s certainly NOT part of the normal school curriculum and most of us simply model those around us who are generally doing an equally poor job of managing their lives. Like birds in a cage, we are trapped in the ‘grey zone’, which we experience in so many ways…

You feel disempowered and at the mercy of your environment and your thoughts!

Ever had a habit that you REALLY wanted to change and, despite years of struggle found yourself unable to let it go? Ever had to deal with really challenging colleagues, friends or family and wondered how to be a more effective communicator and mediate difficult situations?

Perhaps you have procrastinated around doing important things and have had near misses with deadlines only finding your motivation at the very last minute? How is that working for you?

Ever feel overwhelmed or find yourself grasping for the right words to say to clinch the deal? Do you have difficulty remaining positive and resourceful in the face of negative circumstances?

If you are like most people, you can relate to some or all of these situations!

The good news is that you can LEARN how to change your thinking quickly and effectively to achieve the results you want with these powerful techniques from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP for short)!

The Magna Mind Code workshop will teach you how to use the vast resources of the unconscious mind and train your conscious mind to communicate with flexibility and influence.

That’s right! With the tools of NLP and Elizabeth Terry’s unique teaching style you learn how to reprogram your thoughts and behavior to FINALLY achieve your desired state of personal empowerment – being able to control your thinking and your responses, PLUS communicate with clarity, ease and confidence!

NLP Magna Mind at a Glance

 Introduction to NLP

    1. How the Brain functions and the Mind works!
    2. NLP Themes – Profound knowledge of human behaviour
    3. Pre-Suppositions of NLP – Beliefs that empower!

 Sub-Modalities – Your Mind’s Secret Code!

    1. Discover the inner coding mechanism of your brain and take control of it
    2. Get rid of unwanted behaviours (like eating the wrong foods, or biting your nails)
    3. How to modify your disempowering beliefs
    4. How to change unresourceful emotional responses using a SWISH Pattern
  1. Language Patterns – Artful and Purposeful Use of Language
    1. How to discern the deeper meaning behind words people use
    2. Customize your speech to match each individual and achieve instant acceptance and communication
    3. How to use abstract language to achieve instant agreement and induce trance easily
    4. Challenge and overcome objections easily
    5. How to assist someone in changing their mind
  1. Anchoring – Control your Feelings and Your State of Mind
    1. How to be in charge of your emotional state and not be controlled by it
    2. How to set up a personal trigger or stimulus which can move you in the direction you want to go
    3. Discover how you can rid yourself from an undesired response to a past or present trigger (like someone’s voice or hearing someone’s name)
    4. Get rid of procrastination forever!

Next Course Dates: February 17, 18, 19, 2017


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