The Power of You ™

Imagine living your best life ever…this is possible with the Power of You ™!

This programme is designed to facilitate your awakening to your own internal power to create and live a passion-filled, successful life by providing you with the tools and techniques to facilitate these experiences for yourself. The course is about developing self-confidence, trust and self-responsibility – breaking through emotional, mental and psychological barriers to a place where you become ‘cause’ to your own ‘effect’. The 3-day highly interactive course includes group facilitation and self-reflection activities. Additional personal coaching is also available.

Day 1 starts with the Passion Test – developed by Chris and Janet Attwood, and co-authors of the NY Times best seller of the same name – which allows you to discover those things that really move you, that you truly want to be, do or have. Learn techniques to clarify your top 5 passions and to align your life with those things that matter most to you. These include the development of markers, Vision Boards and/or 100th Birthday speeches. You will also learn how your mind works – the conscious and unconscious mind and the blocks that can prevent you from achieving your desired goals. Self-reflection assignments will be given to stimulate self-assessment on two levels: what is preventing me from being the best I can be and, what can I do to help me get where I would like to be?

The afternoon focuses on understanding the components of a Positive Self Image – how your self-image either drives you to lead a happy and successful life or makes you believe you are not good enough and doomed to struggle and fail. Participants will learn techniques to overcome that critical voice in their head to reveal their true selves – confident, poised and wonderfully self-assured.

This will also serve as a preparatory exercise for the next 2 days.

Days 2 & 3 are firstly dedicated to the elimination of negative emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt and limiting decisions (for example, “I’m not good enough” or “I can’t succeed”) using Time Line Therapy® techniques and replacing these with positive resources such as self-love, appreciation and states of peacefulness and gratitude. The second part of the workshop is directed at goal setting using the SMART goal system and using Time Line Therapy® techniques to achieve the desired experiences. Interactive exercises will embed goals at an unconscious level and energize participants towards their achievement. Finally, participants will be exposed to the concept of ‘master-minding’ with colleagues/friends who can further support them in the realization of their desired goals.

Post Programme support is available through a network of coaches.

This programme can be specially tailored to cater to meet the needs of young adults, whether in-school or out of school. Sponsorship for individual youths or groups is welcomed.

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