Release, Re-Energize, Reset Retreat for Women Leaders and Entrepreneurs!

Calling Women Leaders and Entrepreneurs!!

Release, Reset, Re-Energize January 2020 Retreat!

The women in leadership and entrepreneurship face unique challenges, and many are becoming frustrated, stressed, not able to give of their best either personally nor professionally. What are some of the issues that have led to this situation? Here are some of the biggest contributors, and surprise! They are not financial!!!! So here’s the PROBLEM:

  • In order to succeed, the majority of women end up ‘playing’ the business and career game according to the rules established by men – a game that is very ‘left-brain’ dependent, meaning based on logic and analytical skills. Women have learnt how to do this, but it is quite stressful as this is generally not a natural tendency which is geared more towards intuition and emotion. Essentially we are losing touch with the part of us that offers the pathway to playing an even bigger and better game!
  • Studies have shown that women have higher levels of anxiety than men in the work world. Researchers think this might come down to the highly sensitized female anterior cortex. A sustained high anxiety level has its own physical consequences…
  • Studies have shown that women’s cortisol levels are two times higher than men’s at work; and four times higher than men’s at home! This naturally raises the likelihood of heart attacks and strokes for women.
  • Women’s natural style of collaboration and processing by talking things out, reduces cortisol levels but often is not encouraged in the fast-paced man’s world where decisions need to be made quickly to avert crises!
  • A large percentage of women are juggling family, work and personal aspirations, and are stretched thin attempting to take care of all the loose ends;
  • They end up living their lives at ‘half-mast’ unsure how to achieve the results they want in these important spheres of their lives and, at the same time, not lose themselves. They are out of their flow, blocked by negative feelings such as guilt and anxiety and limiting beliefs about their capability to make it all happen;
  • Women are looking to reconnect with their passion and purpose and want to be able self-actualize and contribute more to their families, communities and the world;
  • The world is crying out for a better balance between the masculine and feminine energies in order to make more harmonious, productive and happy societies.

Does this resonate with you? Are you a successful business leader or entrepreneur who is on the edge of burn-out? Do you live a very hectic and fast-paced existence, trying to balance your professional, personal and family life? Are you longing for a period of recalibration so you can reconnect with your purpose, redefine your goals, exhale and rejuvenate? Do you want to connect with a small, intimate network of similar women who want to make changes and have a bigger impact in your personal and professional life and extend your contribution to your community and world? If you can relate to this, then this Release, Re-Energize and Reset Retreat is designed especially to meet your needs! The Retreat targets local and international women leaders and entrepreneurs who are ready to recalibrate and reset, just like you!

What can you expect?

The Retreat is a 5-night Retreat package comprising single accommodation, daily breakfast and lunch, 4-day Retreat including all pre-on-line assessments, training materials and coffee-breaks during Retreat, a day of post conference tours and cultural evening! The 3-Day Retreat for Body, Mind and Soul, from Friday to Monday, inclusive, is designed to help women to regain access to their feminine power, rebalance and develop the mind-set for success; through Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy®, Yoga and Meditation. Specifically, you will be able to:

    • learn key NLP themes and principles that will help you get in the driver’s seat of your life and guide you towards the results you want!
    • understand your own internal time machine get rid of mental and emotional toxic waste and clutter – limiting beliefs/doubts, and negative emotions such as anger and guilt
    • wake-up, rebalance and re-energize the body with daily pre-session morning yoga and post-session meditation for relaxation and de-stressing
    • reexamine your values and how these can support the achievement of purpose and vision;
    • learn how to make best use of their talents and skills, to be more productive by spending more time doing the things that get them into flow and build trust with their teams;
    • hone their leadership skills for greater success and less stress!
    • learn the difference between goals you achieve and those you don’t, how to set goals and be sure you can always achieve them and how to visualize your future so it’s more compelling, motivating and exciting for you!
    • spend time with like-minded professionals, network and share experiences
    • take time to have fun and enjoy the cultural and natural attractions of Jamaica! Trips to Port Royal, home of Sir Henry Morgan and the Bucaneers; the Bob Marley Museum, Art Galleries, or the Blue Mountains – where the famous Blue Moutain Coffee is grown!

Venue: Kingston, Jamaica

Dates: January 24-27, 2020

Who will facilitate the Retreat?

 Here is the line-up of experienced and certified presenters:

  • Elizabeth Terry, Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis and Master Coach, Project Management Professional (PMP) and Wealth & Talent Dynamics Flow Consultant; assisted by:
  • Sharon Feanny – Yoga Instructor, Meditation and Wellness Guru and Cookbook Author
  • Tanya Smith, NLP Trainer and Business Strategist
  • Diana McIntyre-Pike – Tours, Ground Transportation and Accommodation package

Have questions or need more information? or Whatsapp/call 876-556-5177 

 Why train with Elizabeth Terry and Limitless Transformation Coaching & Training Services Ltd.?

  •  Elizabeth is a fully trained and certified trainer and trains because she LOVES what she does and is passionate about helping people live their lives joyously and successfully!
  • She believes in continuous learning and keeps up-to-date with the latest techniques
  • She believes in small group trainings so you get individual attention which is customized to your needs
  • She is also a certified Passion Test Facilitator, speaker and expert in personal development conducting coaching, workshops and trainings to help persons become successful by developing their full potential
  • Elizabeth has over 20 highly successful years of project development, management, consulting and training experience in the tourism and human resource development fields
  • She is the first and only (up to now) American Board Certified NLP Trainer, Time Line Therapy® Association Certified Trainer, American Board of Hypnosis Certified Trainer and Coach Trainer in Jamaica and the Caribbean

  • Travel Dates & Details (Where Applicable)

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  • Diamond – includes - 5 nights single accommodation, daily continental break-fast and lunches, airport transfers, 1day of tours, cultural evening, 3-day Retreat – pre-assessments and all materials.
  • Platinum – includes 3-day Retreat – pre-assessments and all materials, daily coffee-break & lunch + 1 days of tours & cultural evening.
  • Gold – 3-day Retreat – pre-assessments and all materials, daily coffee-break and lunch.