InSight-U Coaching Programme

Are you an aspiring or existing entrepreneur/leader searching for your bigger ‘why’ or wanting to reconnect with your purpose to make a bigger difference in the world? 

Perhaps you are feeling disconnected and frustrated with the direction your life, work or business has been taking you and are ready for change?

Or, maybe you are a young adult leaving school, College or working and not sure of your next move?

This on-line coaching programme, InSight-U Micro-Degree, is designed to develop a deep sense of Self-Awareness through the discovery or re-connection your deepest desires and the things about you that make you unique! It will take you through the process of using this information to design a future that maximizes your potential and keeps you motivated instead of frustrated!

This programme includes 2 one-to-one on-line sessions with NLP Trainer and Master Coach, Passion Test Facilitator and Flow Consultant, Elizabeth Terry.

The programme will assist you to:

  • Achieve clarity on your passion, purpose and Ikigai and the areas of your life which need attention in order to get the results you want!
  • Identify your inner values and how to incorporate these into your life and business
  • Discover your Wealth or Talent Dynamics profile by completing your personal on-line assessment
  • Learn how best to leverage your natural genius, talents and strengths to create greater flow, productivity, value and trust with your team, partners and clients
  • Develop a 1-10 year personal vision and goal blue-print in which you specify the ‘what, when, who and how’ for one key aspect of your life or business
  • Put your most important goal into your timeline using the Creating Your Future® process

The introductory price offer is ONLY US$297.00 and only 20 spots are available monthly.

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