Customized In-House Training Programmes

Since NLP is all about helping individuals to access the full potential of their minds and changing perspectives, beliefs, strategies and behaviours that are not achieving the desired results, its easy to see how this knowledge is applicable to just about any aspect of organizational life, from Change Management to Customer Service.

Infusing the modelling of excellence on which NLP is based into training and development programmes offers great opportunities to improve communication, relationships, goal-setting, and negotiation to name a few areas. Very importantly, NLP assists in the formation of Self-Responsible, empowered individuals who appreciate their ability to achieve the success they desire.

Some of the in-house workshops include:

  • Customer ServiceFor Managers and Line Staff – 2-3 day workshops of no more than 20 persons
  • Developing a Winning State of Mind – Empowering Leaders with NLP! – 1/2 – 2 day workshop
  • Thinking & Behavioural Flexibility – A Manager’s Greatest Resource – 1/2 – 1 day workshop
  • Mindful Communication – 1-2 days
  • Aligning Organizational Values – this is not a workshop but a consultative intervention working with the leadership and the various departments within the Organization

Cost is dependent on group size, the length of the workshops and number of workshops to be undertaken.

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Lastly, the NLP Practitioner Certification Course is a GREAT all-round personal development programme for any one in the organization, and most particularly for those who are involved in managing teams, sales or interfacing with clients. Check out my schedule for this training on this site.